Parent-Athlete Meeting Info


  1. Mold and train future Christian leaders for the ministry.
  2. Instill character and Christ-likeness into the lives of our young men and women through hard work.
  3. To provide an exciting program for the guys and girls, the school, and our church family.
  4. Help them to live a holy, separated life for Christ and be different than your average Christian.
  5. Rear them to love, respect, and obey their parents, leaders, and God.



  1. Eligibility requirements:
  • 2.5 GPA
  • Athletic fee must be paid by sports deadline
  • Physical examination – this is something that is mandatory to play sports
  • Signature page turned into athletic office (with other paperwork)
    1. Deadline for athletic fees:
  • Football ($100)– August 4th
  • Basketball ($100) – October 13th
  • Volleyball ($100) – January 12th
    1. Athletic Handbook
  • All athletes, coaches, and parents are required to read the school athletic handbook. The signature page located in back of athletic handbook is due by Friday, September 8th.
    1. Finances in the sport program
  • All athletes are expected to have their sports fee paid before the first game. They will not be allowed to play if it is NOT paid.
  • Students are NOT allowed to participate in any sport if any of their athletic fees are not paid. This would also include any previous fees that are still owed from sports.
    1. Fundraisers
  • Our sports program doesn’t profit any money from the fees. We have expenses that must be paid to cover all games (gym rental and officials), equipment, and gas for road trips. The athletic fee for each sport doesn’t even cover all these expenses.
  • All athletes are expected to help with fundraisers that are for the sports program.
    1. Athletes helping parents and coaches
  • Respect all coaches, officials, and opposing teams at all times.
  • Be a visible example of the church, school, and Christ at all times.
  • Support all PBS teams during their sports season.



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